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Gravel guide

Maybe you might have been to Mallorca for several times, riding your race bike, it's hard to know where to go with you gravel bike, looking for beautiful off-road trails. 

When you see a nice trail, you never know if it's an ongoing trail or a dead end, ending up in someones garden. Let alone if it's even legal to go on a newly found trail; it might be private property. Even the well-know applications for off-road routes aren't always reliable in this subject, as the routes posted on those platforms are never officially being checked out. 


Riding with a specialized gravel guide you avoid all these problems. You just concentrate on riding you gravel bike and enjoying the environment and nature, without the preoccupation of doing something illegal, getting lost or to have to turn around various times during a ride. 

We offer a specialized gravel guide who knows the best routes at any time of the year. 

Our guide will not only take you on special paths, but will also provide you with additional information about Mallorca and places of interest. 

In addition, our guide can offer you some technical explanations of riding with you gravel bike, the technical aspect of the bike and key components. If you have any questions about bike mechanics or need advice to improve your riding experience, the guide will be happy to help. Not only do we provide you with a high-quality gravel bike, but we also offer recommendations on the best places to take a lunch break. The guide knows the local restaurants and cafes that offer delicious food options for cyclists. 


In short, when you decide to contract a gravel guide, you will have access to an expert who will provide you with the best routes, additional information, recommendations for places to eat and technical explanations of gravel riding. Enjoy a unique and exciting cycling experience!


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